Association Cricket

Host Club / Association Responsibilities


Here are the agreed terms of responsibilities for Associations and the Region as agreed upon by Association delegates.

  • Junior Association matches are played as per rules set out in the Junior Country Week manual unless alternatives are agreed up by the competing Associations
  • Balls for Junior Association matches shall be provided by Cricket Victoria as part of the Free Balls Program.
  • Host clubs should ensure that ice is available for the competing teams.   
  • Lunches are provided by the host Club. These shall be charged to the region at a rate of $7 per player. A normal match will consist of 13 players and 2 coaches with one umpire also catered for. The total match charge should therefore be 31 people @ $7. ($217).
  • Umpires shall be appointed and paid by the host association. Please note that only one umpire shall be appointed for each match. Square leg umpire duties should be shared between the competing teams. Umpires shall be paid at the following rates;
    • Standard one day games - $80 per game
    • Twenty20 matches - $50 per game
  • A Curator fee of $50 can be charged by the host club to the host Association
All invoices can be emailed to or sent to PO Box 915, Mildura, Vic, 3502.

Junior Country Week

The Mallee Murray Region hosts Junior Country Week (JCW) in January of each season and incorporates Under 14s & Under 16s.  

The main objective of JCW is to give an opportunity to a wider range of players to play a higher standard of cricket as well as identify talent from within the region to facilitate the selection of Mallee Murray Region Squads for the State Championships at Under 16 and Under 18 levels.

The following information pertains to the Mallee Murray Cricket Region Junior Country Week:

Fixtures, results and statistics can be found by clicking on the links to the right of screen. For more information on Junior Country Week contact Andrew Farlie on 0408 321877.


JUNIOR COUNTRY WEEK RECORDS - UNDER 16 (changed from Under 17 in 2011-12)


Season    Winners  Runner Up 
2006-07  Northern District CA        Swan Hill & District CA 
2007-08  Swan Hill & District CA  Northern District CA
2008-09  Sunraysia CA  Central Region 
2009-10  Sunraysia CA  Swan Hill & District CA 
2010-11  Sunraysia CA  Central Region 
2011-12 Sunraysia CA Northern Districts CA
2012-13 Sunraysia CA Northern Districts CA


Under 16 Statistics

Highest Team Score  SCA 9/215 v Red Cliffs (2011/12) 
Lowest Team Score  Central 41 v SHDCA (2009/10)   
Highest Individual Score      Joab Mead 115no SCA (2010/11)
Best Individual Bowling   Jordan White 5/11, NDCA (2011/12) 
Top Bowling Performances (5wkts+)      Top Tons (100+) 
Matthew Pollock 5/20 (NDCA 2006/07)  Joel Woolhouse 101no (NDCA 2008/09) 
Jacson Collins 5/30 (SCA 2010/11)  Josh Gregg 114 (Central 2009/10)
Jordan White 5/11 (NDCA 2011/12)  Luke Jones 103 (SCA 2009/10)
  Joab Mead 115no (SCA 2010/11)


JUNIOR COUNTRY WEEK RECORDS - UNDER 14 (changed from Under 15 in 2011-12)

Season  Winners  Runner Up 
2006-07  Swan Hill & District CA  Northern District CA 
2007-08  Swan Hill & District CA  Sunraysia CA 
2008-09  Sunraysia CA  Invitational XI 
2009-10  Sunraysia CA  Central Region 
2010-11  Northern District CA  Sunraysia CA 
2011-12 Sunraysia CA Swan Hill & District CA
2012-13 Sunraysia CA Swan Hill & District CA
Under 14 Statistics


Highest Team Score  NDCA 9/217 v RCCA (2009/10) 
Lowest Team Score  Central 10/57 v SHDCA (2006/07) 
Highest Individual Score  Matt Smith 106 (SHDCA 2010/11) 
Best Individual Bowling  Josh Wooding 6/7 (SHDCA 2011/12) 
Top Bowling Performances (5wkts+)      Top Tons (100+) 
Ben Shepherd 3/7 (SHDCA 2006/07)   Matt Smith 106 (SHDCA 2010/11)
Matt Undy 5/18 (InvXI 2008/09)  Josh Coates 102 (Central 2008/09)
Clayton Holmes 6/45 (NDCA 2009/10)